Asked because of my time without writing anything, and yesterday is that things have been a little busy, no time for much else. Earlier today I got to the office as usual, I found with the unpleasant surprise that he had turned off the electricity to do maintenance on power lines, well I was in complete silence for half a day in solitary confinement, while he arranged a bit and cleaned my messy office, silent thought, how exasperating it is to live without applications like twitter or the face, worse, unable to write something in his mind at that moment, I got involved in a tremendous stress, not knowing what to do. While thinking much more terrible was being silent, there was no accompanying the movie soudtrack of my life, he felt empty and lonely.

Well, after leaving those moments of anguish and sadness, because I was finally able to enjoy music and internet Starting at 12 noon, and not until now that I could stop working, and get a text message to some friends until finally received answers, and my question is, why the girls, when they want a child, then do as they do not want, and then sends subliminal messages to one, saying the opposite?, it is true that applied psychology is confused by some women, but for them ineffective, and for people who have the bad habit of finding an answer to everything, because it is entertaining, what do you think?.

Right now it occurs to me to recommend a good movie, which will choose, as a South Korean film Oldboy directed by Chan-wook Park, appeared in 2003 as the second part of the “vengeance trilogy” whose first part is called Sympathy for Mr . Vengeance and its third party Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Definitely a trilogy that should not be lost, some action for these sad days, indeed let us encourage and pull through. And as promised I will give them today and see over the page where they can download my recommendations for entertainment in the area. see you soon